School Projects

User-Friendly School Projects Software

  • DrawPro is perfect for students, teachers and professors when creating any type of school project.
  • Students improve their abilities when creating reports, outlines, and homework assignments while using DrawPro.
  • DrawPro helps students and faculty members improve on visual instructions, class projects, classroom management and homework assignments.

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DrawPro is the Perfect Tool for Any Classroom!

  • Designing school projects is easy with DrawPro’s auto-shapes which include thousands of pre-drawn symbols and shapes. Simply click and drag any of the shapes or symbols into your document.
  • DrawPro’s templates make you instantly productive. Simply choose one of DrawPro’s professionally designed templates, and then customize it to fit your needs.
  • Quickly add colors, fills, gradients, photos, clip art and text to any of your school projects with a few simple clicks of the mouse.
  • Works Great with Microsoft Office!
    Quickly insert any school projects you’ve created directly into your Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook files, making you look like a professional.

When Using DrawPro for School Projects, it’s Easy to Create:

  • Seating Charts

Anyone can customize DrawPro classroom templates with names, color-coding, clip art and photos from your digital camera.

  • Awards and Certificates

Quickly create personalized awards and certificates. You can even include photos, clip art and school symbols.

  • Worksheets and Quizzes

It’s quick and easy to create worksheets for school projects in english, math, science, geography, history, and any other subjects.

  • Forms

It’s simple to create lesson plans, permission slips, hall passes, progress reports, evaluation forms and more. Personalize forms with a school logo, digital photos or DrawPro’s clip art.

  • Technical Illustrations

DrawPro offers a vast array of easy-to-use design tools for creating accurate and professional technical illustrations for math, engineering, users manuals or your next thesis.

  • Concept Maps and Mind Maps

Create visual aids for brainstorming your homework assignments, and illustrate the relationships between ideas in your school projects.

  • Presentations and School Projects

Create dazzling presentations and school projects when you use DrawPro’s symbols, clip art, digital photos and pre-drawn professional graphics. For added flexibility in creating your next presentation or school project combine DrawPro with any of your Microsoft Office products

  • Time Management

Faculty members and students can easily plan any school projects using DrawPro’s timelines, project charts, Gantt charts and calendars.

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